Heat Recovery Systems

External heat exchangers and steam heat recovery generators are custom designed for maximum thermal energy output captured from Capstone Microturbine exhaust.

Heat Recovery Hot Water

  • Heat recovery systems are integrated for Capstone C65 and are external for C200, C600, C800 and C1000 units
  • Capable of heating engine jacket water, process water, boiler water, and ethylene glycol
  • Engineered for vertical or horizontal operation
  • Recover up to 50% of the of the fuel source in the form of hot water
Heat Exchanger

Steam Heat Recovery Generator

  • Heat recovery steam generators are designed for Capstone C200, C600, C800, and C1000 systems
  • Provides supplemental steam demand and/or primary steam for heating or process
  • Produces 10–150 psig steam with output capabilities of 20 to 500 boiler hp
  • Pair heat recovery steam generator with heat recovery economizer to capture heat downstream and create hot water