Oil & Gas

Capstone’s technology has been used by the oil and gas industry internationally to produce standalone and grid connect power for compressor stations, M&R facilities, and fluid handling operations.  Many of these sites have combined heat production with electric generation.  The heat is used for building heat, fuel gas heat, and freeze protection.  The efficiency of these combined heat and power (CHP) systems routinely exceeds 80%. 

Since Capstone MicroTurbines have very high availability due to very brief, infrequent scheduled maintenance needs, coupled with their low emissions and the ease of permitting, they are proving a perfect fit for oil and gas customers.
This page contains case studies on oil & gas facilities that are currently utilizing our technology.

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Fallowfield Gas Processing Plant, Pennsylvania – Oil & Gas

A methane-fueled Capstone CR200 MicroTurbine with a gas conditioning skid and chiller uses waste methane from the plant's purification process to produce electricity used onsite.
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Shale Gas, United States – Oil & Gas

Capstone microturbines, operating in the Eagle Ford and Marcellus shale plays, support the surge in U.S. shale gas production by supplying reliable, clean power using natural gas directly from the pipeline as fuel.
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Jonah Field, Wyoming – Oil & Gas

The remote Jonah Field wellsite uses a Capstone C30 microturbine to generate electricity to run the site's pumps.
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Ramon Station, New Mexico – Oil & Gas

Fifteen 65kW microturbines provide the primary power for this oil pipeline booster station in New Mexico. 
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