Commercial & Industrial

Capstone MicroTurbines generate power and heat simultaneously.  Using both maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes the purchase of fuels from traditional energy sources.

Using both energy outputs is called cogeneration or CHP: combined heat and power. Onsite CHP can generate electricity, hot water, chilled water, or steam for you facility at the same time.

The heat output of Capstone MicroTurbines can also be used to air condition your facility with absorption cooling.  This technique is called trigeneration or CCHP: combined cooling, heating, and power. Cooling when it’s hot, heating when it’s not and reliable, affordable power every day.

Capstone turbines allow your facility to operate independently of the unstable utility grid.  This is known as dual mode or standalone operation, which allow the microturbines to island your facility upon grid failure and run indefinitely.

This page contains case studies on commercial and industrial facilities that are currently utilizing our technology.

Biogas Oil and Gas

Learn how Capstone MicroTurbines generate electricity and thermal energy in an industrial combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) application.
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Capstone Turbine Residential CCHP Animation
Learn how Capstone MicroTurbines can be utilized in an residential cogeneration and trigeneration (CHP or CCHP) configuration to maximize efficiency and improve reliability over a traditional grid arrangement.
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Phoenix Contact, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Manufacturing

The Capstone tri-generation system at Phoenix Contact in Harrisburg, PA, provides the facility with baseload electricity, hot water, chilled water, and backup power in the event that the local utility goes down
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Natural gas fuels six Capstone C65 Integrated CHP microturbines that produce 390kW of clean and reliable power as well as thermal energy for the Viking Yacht Company.
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Masonic Village, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania – Residential/Public Facility

Capstone microturbines generate electricity and heating at Masonic Village, a 1,400 acre complex serving 1,737 residents since 1910.
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Salem Community College, Carneys Points, New Jersey – Education

Commissioned in late 2009, the three natural gas C65 ICHP Capstone MicroTurbines produce more than 80 percent of Davidow Hall's electricity and 100 percent of the building's heating and cooling.
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Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Hospitality

Three natural gas C65 ICHP Capstone MicroTurbines provide electrical and thermal power at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia.
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1350 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan, New York – Office Building

Twelve Capstone microturbines provide electricity and heat for this 35-story office tower in Manhattan. 
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Astor Chocolate, New Jersey – Manufacturing

Capstone microturbines provide cooling, heating, and power at Astor Chocolate in New Jersey.
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F-D-S Manufacturing Co., Pomona, California – Manufacturing

Six Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® in a CCHP application at F-D-S Manufacturing Company, a 240,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Pomona, California, significantly shrink the facility's carbon footprint and energy bill. 
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University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio – Education

Four Capstone C65 Hybrid UPS MicroTurbines are the heart of the innovative combined cooling, heating, and power system that will boost the data center’s energy efficiency.
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Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York – Education/Data Center

Twelve Capstone C65 Hybrid UPS microturbines are installed in Syracuse University's Green Data Center. The center is designed to use 50% less energy than traditional data centers.
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Vineyard 29, Napa Valley, California – Manufacturing

The premium vineyard in California’s Napa Valley produces a magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon. A portion of the energy used to do so is provided by Vineyard 29’s pair of Capstone microturbines. 
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