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Utilizing Capstone Microturbines can save you time, money, lower carbon footprint, and secure you reliable onsite power.

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Capstone Microturbines. Saving Energy, Money, and the Environment.

Learn about the global impact of highly efficient Capstone MicroTurbines® and how their use in a number of applications from Oil & Gas to CHP save energy, money, and the environment.

Playing Time: 3:47

Capstone Turbine Industrial CCHP Animation

Learn how Capstone MicroTurbines generate electricity and thermal energy in an industrial combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) application.

Playing Time: 2:32

Capstone Turbine Residential CCHP Animation

Learn how Capstone MicroTurbines can be utilized in an residential cogeneration and trigeneration (CHP or CCHP) configuration to maximize efficiency and improve reliability over a traditional grid arrangement.

Playing Time: 2:00

York Wastewater Treatment Plant in York, Pennsylvania 

A methane-gas fueled Capstone C600 and C1000 purchased by York's sewage plant will save energy, cut operational costs, and protect the environment by generating electricity.

Playing Time: 4:00

MTS Argonon, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Two liquid natural-gas fueled Capstone C30 microturbines onboard the Argonon Type-C tanker in the Rhine River in Europe, operate in an N+1 setting and serve as the main electrical power supply.

Playing Time: 2:45

Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Capstone microturbines generate electricity and heating at Masonic Village, a 1,400 acre complex serving 1,737 residents since 1910.

Playing Time: 3:05

CEM Ambiente SpA, Cavenago Brianza, Italy  

Five methane-gas fueled C65 microturbines installed at a CEM Ambiente landfill outside of Milan, Italy, produce 325kW of electricity each day to power the landfills' buildings.

Playing Time: 2:54

The Syracuse data center, built with partners IBM and New York State

The Syracuse Data Center, built with partners IBM and New York State, features an onsite trigeneration system that uses 12 natural gas-fueled
Capstone microturbines to generate all the electricity for the center and cooling for the computer servers.

Playing Time: 2:56

Quellenhof Sport & Wellness Resort, St. Martin in Passeier, Italy

The cogeneration system at this luxury resort generates 1 million kWh of electricity and 1.8 million kWh of thermal power onsite, exceeding 80 percent energy efficiency.

Playing Time: 2:52

City of Schmalkalden Boiler House, Schmalkalden, Germany

At the boiler house central heating plant in Schmalkalden, Germany, three C200 MicroTurbines® generate heat for 3,000 apartments and 20 industrial buildings at nearly 85 percent efficiency.

Playing Time: 3:03

Recla, Silandro, Italy

A natural gas C1000 Power Package provides heat and power to the Recla manufacturing plant in northern Italy. Recla produces salami, prosciutto, and other high-end meat products that are exported around the world.

Playing Time: 2:44

Southern California Edison Co., Avalon, California

Twenty-three Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® provide prime power to Southern California Edison's Avalon site on Catalina Island.

Playing Time: 2:39

Swineline Farm Agricultural Biogas, Cullinan, South Africa

The installation and operation of one Capstone C65 microturbine has helped reduce odor in the surrounding atmosphere and produces enough energy to heat the facility, pump water, and run the ventilation system at Swineline Farm.

Playing Time: 3:35

Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, Bogotá, Colombia

Two Capstone C800 power packages installed in a trigeneration application atop the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure office completely support the building's 500kW energy demand allowing the building to operate off the grid.

Playing Time: 3:22

Wintershall Holding GmbH, GroBaitingen, Germany

The crude oil production company, Wintershall Holding GmbH, in Großaitingen, Germany, runs its Capstone C65 microturbine using wet gas from the line without purification. The microturbines produce electricity for the facility and may use heat exhaust to warm facility buildings, process heating, and to heat pipelines.

Playing Time: 2:30

Sport Centre De Scheg, Deventer, Netherlands

The 400-meter ice skating track and recreational pool at the Sport Centre De Scheg in Deventer, Netherlands rely on a C200 Capstone MicroTurbine® installed in a combined heat and power (CHP) application for operation.

Playing Time: 3:19

Evangelische Diakonissenanstalt Hospital Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany

Two natural gas Capstone C65 microturbines make up the combined heat and power system at the Evangelische Diakonissenanstalt Hospital in Augsburg, Germany. The highly reliable system achieves more than 80 percent efficiency and is capable of producing heat in two stages.

Playing Time: 2:50

A. Obenauf GmbH & Co., Bad Harzburg, Germany

Four Capstone C65 microturbines installed in a combined heat and power system supply thermal power and electricity to the cardboard manufacturing plant, A. Obenauf GmbH, in Bad Harzburg, Germany.

Playing Time: 2:35

Eastern Municipal Water District, Perris, California

Eight Capstone C60 MicroTurbines® provide grid parallel power to Eastern Municipal Water District in Perris, California.

Playing Time: 2:42

Catholic Hospital Koblenz in Koblenz, Germany

Two Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® provide electricity, heating, and hot domestic water for the Catholic Hospital Koblenz. In summer months, the microturbines support the hospital's total power needs.

Playing Time: 3:08

F-D-S Manufacturing Co., Pomona, California

Six Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® in a CCHP application at F-D-S Manufacturing Company, a 240,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Pomona, California, significantly shrink the facility's carbon footprint and energy bill.

Playing Time: 2:19

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California

Sixteen Capstone C60 microturbines running on natural gas provide electricity for the Air Force One Pavilion.

Playing Time: 6:31

Sheboygan Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The Sheboygan Wastewater Treatment Plant has 10 low-emission Capstone microturbines that use methane gas created by solid waste to generate onsite electricity and heat, cutting the plants electric and natural gas bills by 40 percent and earning renewable energy and emissions credits.

Playing Time: 4:51

YPFB Transporte S.A., Taquiperenda Station, Bolivia

The remote YPFB Transporte S.A., Taquiperenda gas compression station in Bolivia uses four C65 MicroTurbines® to meet its total power needs.

Playing Time: 3:14

Machland Fruit and Vegetable Delicacies GmbH, Naarn, Austria

A Capstone C200 MicroTurbine® installed in a combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) application generates electricity for the Machland food manufacturing plant and exhaust heat used as combustion air for an onsite steam boiler.

Playing Time: 3:09

El Palacio de Hierro, Monterrey, Mexico

Using natural gas, 20 Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® produce 40 percent of the electrical power needed to operate El Palacio de Hierro in Monterrey, Mexico.

Playing Time: 3:11